Brain2Throw out your Spanish text books, internet on-line learning DVDs, and quit your group Spanish classes; learn Spanish the way you learned English, without grammar classes or conjugating lists of verbs!

The Colegio de Ajijic successfully teaches people to acutally speak Spanish quickly and fluently using a curriculum based on how the your brain learns a foreign language the same way it learned your first language.

Through a learning concept (Brain Based Curriculum) developed over the last 14 years, based on how the brain works and how children learn, the Colegio’s students know how to speak in Spanish.  How?  By getting the students to first speak and then guiding them to speak correctly!

With Lina Polonsky’s one-on-one approach, hundreds of students have now adopted Spanish as their second language, and yes, most of them thought they would never be able to achieve fluency so quickly.

The Colegio offers individual Spanish lessons as well as an Intensive Winter Program for those who want the ultimate experience in learning Spanish on beautiful Lake Chapala in Mexico.  Whichever course you choose, we make available native speakers with whom to practice your new language skills.

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