If you use the logical style, you like using your brain for logical and mathematical reasoning. You can recognize patterns easily, as well as connections between seemingly meaningless content. This also leads you to classify and group information to help you learn or understand it.

You work well with numbers and you can perform complex calculations. You remember the basics of trigonometry and algebra, and you can do moderately complex calculations in your head.

You typically work through problems and issues in a systematic way, and you like to create procedures for future use. You are happy setting numerical targets and budgets, and you track your progress towards these. You like creating agendas, itineraries, and to-do lists, and you typically number and rank them before putting them into action.

Your scientific approach to thinking means you often support your points with logical examples or statistics. You pick up logic flaws in other peoples words, writing or actions, and you may point these out to people (not always to everyone’s amusement).

You like working out strategies and using simulation. You may like games such as brainteasers, backgammon, and chess. You may also like PC games such as Dune II, Starcraft, Age of Empires, Sid Meier games and others.

Common Pursuits and Phrases

People with a strong logical style are likely to follow such pursuits as the sciences, mathematics, accounting, detective work, law and computer programming.

You are more likely to use phrases that reflect your most dominant style out of the visual, aural or physical styles, however you may also use phrases like these:

You may use phrases like these:

  • That’s logical.
  • Follow the process, procedure, or rules.
  • There’s no pattern to this.
  • Let’s make a list.
  • We can work it out.
  • Quantify it, or prove it!